U-Bike. The Next Generation of SMART Electric Bicycle

Intelligent, power-assisted, and designed for ultimate Bike and Body Unity

Welcome to the electric bike revolution! Introducing U-Bike: the first truly intelligent electric bicycle designed by engineers as an extension of the human body. Unlike traditional “quasi-intelligent” bikes, U-Bike is built using space vector control algorithms found on the newest electric cars.

This means even better, more intelligent control of your travel, plus speed, distance and even calorie burning data.

It really IS a smart bike!

Your stylish U-Bike can determine all your needs for the challenges of riding - like climbing a slope - then power-assists you to speed up, slow down, or brake, helping ensure your safety!

That intelligence also extends to the powerful smartphone app that goes even further than traditional cycling apps. It actually measures your force exertion when you pedal, then combines that data with continuous speed measurement, giving you a truly comprehensive calculation of calorie consumption.

PLUS! Not only is U-Bike designed for both technical excellence and trendy looks, it’s actually more affordable than other brand competitors!

Here is just a partial list of the amazing features on the groundbreaking new U-Bike, combining the best of European and Asian auto engineering:
  • Lightweight and agile

  • Sleek and fashionable design

  • Four distinct body types

  • Two durable material options
    Aluminum Alloy & Carbon Fiber Composite

  • Smooth Riding Experience

  • Mid Torque Motor Drive

  • Invisible Battery design

  • Lithium-Ion battery for superior lasting power

  • Integrated Smartphone App for distance, speed, and caloric data

  • Forward-leaning 'floating' seat design

  • Power assist for hill climbing and braking

  • Waterproof

  • Heat and rust resistant

  • 8 gear speeds

  • High Tech anti-theft protection

  • Accurate GPS geolocation

  • LED Headlight, Hidden Charging Port, and SO MUCH MORE!

Be sure to check out more details and stunning pictures below of the beautiful electric U-Bike - transforming the way people enjoy bicycling. But first…